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Lee Higginbotham

I started Lee Blinds  in 1987 when I was 30 and before I was married and before we had our two sons.  Folks ask about how many blinds I have done.  I say that I don't know, but if it were only 100 a month for 12 months a year for 30 years, then it is a very big number, maybe 36,000.  I have, and continue, to do my own installations, with the exception of my shutters. My shutter relationship with Mike Coronato and his company goes back 35 years.  I am a Baylor graduate, as is my wife, Melissa. Melissa was active in PTA and then DISD trustee issues but now works for Caring with Grace. I have one son who played high school baseball for WTWhite High School and then graduated from Texas A&M in 2019 and now lives in Aspen, Colorado and hikes and skis and has found a way to earn a living in the mountains and now works for WE-cycle. The other son graduated from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and is a working musician in New York City after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2017.  Both boys were active in sports, music, church, and school activities, and have grown up to be very nice and competent young adults.  I graduated from Baylor in 1979 with the intentions to work in commercial real estate.  I did for a time.  I keep my broker's license current and have used my real estate knowledge to help in my former homeowner's association and occasionally still work a deal.  I was an active volunteer at each son's schools and became interested in fossils and was a president of Dallas Paleontological Society and had a hand in helping create Mineral Wells Fossil Park.   Thank you for considering Lee Blinds.  Lee Higginbotham

Our Family

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The four Higginbothams
Our Team
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